Friday, October 24, 2008

Kathy (Shaun's mom)

Will, I'm so glad to hear that your home. And yes, it is so awesome to sleep in your own bed. There's nothing like it. I know from experience. Your dogs, I'm sure are excited that their dad is home. My friends and I have an internet prayer list. Everyone on the list has prayers being said everyday for their road to recovery. I just read your blog and go in and update every few days. Keeping your spirits high is a great medicine to beat this. Brian's girlfriend's grandpa had stage 4 Gioblastoma Multiform. A very rapid growing form of brain cancer. They told him he had 14 months to spend with his family and friends. They did chemo, surgery and more chemo. He is now 1 yr later cancer free. I know that with your determination, all your support from family and friends and prayers that you'll beat this. Stay positive and know that millions of people are praying for you and Shana every day.



Ange said...

Shana and Will
Good Luck with your treatment here in Syracuse. I work with Shana. Andrew, Jason and I are "Thinking Happy Thoughts both for you!"

Maureen Ryan said...

Hi Will, I just wanted you to know that I've been thinking of you and your family. I'm inspired by your positive attitude and it will go a long way in your recovery. Thanks for the blog updates; it's a comfort to know how you're doing. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and can't wait to see you come out strong on the other side of this journey. My best to you -