Thursday, October 16, 2008


I decided to add some pics of Will to spice up the Blog. There are captions below most of the pictures, even though they are hard to read (PLEASE LOOK FOR THEM...HINT: HIGHLIGHT THE COMMENT UNDER THE PICS TO READ THEM MORE EASILY)! Sorry, I couldnt change the color.


Shana said...

I love you sooo much! We are going to get through this. We will make it happen. I can't wait to make it to another game, so we can shout! I am proud to be your wife. I would not want to be anyone else's wife! You make me proud to be a McCaffrey. Your one and only true Baby Bear.

megan said...

Hi Will!

Get home soon so I can give you your Bills poster! HA!

You don't want to stay in Boston too long with my team! :)

We all miss you and we will see you real soon!!

Megan (Youth Market)

Jane said...

Hi Will,

Get well and get back here you are missed.

I will keep you and you're family in my thoughts and prayers.

Kate said...

Hi Will and entourage,

Love the pics, especially you and Shana covered in snow at the game - you guys are a little nutty...

I'm thinking of you and visualizing you "in the light", as the Quakers believe. You're so strong, and have so much love to support you - I know you'll get through this difficult time and be back where you belong soon.

Love you,
Aunt Kate

Aunt Barb said...

Will, I like the picture of you on the rock.I think it is symbolic of you being surrounded by the love and support of many, many family members, friends and coworkers. The scene looks familiar to me. I think it looks like the distant bottom of the falls, a place where you spent some time as a kid. Would that "sovereign nation" actually be Buttermilk Falls in Long Lake?

Kelly Weller-Durantini said...

Hi Will,
I'm so glad this blog has been set up so we can all be updated on your road to recovery. Our prayers are with you and Shana today and everyday you're away from home. We'll be thinking of you all the way through your treatments. Aunt Joan has been keeping us abreast through my mom. Love you and will be waiting for you to come home.
Love, Kelly & Troy

Brian Weller and Shana Beauchamp said...

We wish you all the best in your treatment and recovery. Stay strong, stay positive. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Brian and Shana

Anonymous said...

Billy, My entire family is thinking about you and wishing you the best recovery. Im still in such shock, but my friend rest assure you will beat this. There are tons of people thinking about you and Im glad that this blog is here so we can see how you are doing. Will, take care and you are in my prayers......

Anonymous said...