Friday, October 17, 2008

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Sheila said...

Will,please keep your chin up. I know your mother through my daughter,Dixie. Your mom is the best so if you are anything like her,you'll come through this. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family. Take care & God Bless,Sheila

AnnL said...


Boston won it for you last night!
Remember me - Ann from Binghamton.
Take care of yourself and know that I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Lori Hall said...

Will - My thoughts are with you for lots of strength through the tests and treatments ahead. We need you to come back and help with our Heart2Heart Web site!
Take good care, Lori Hall

Anonymous said...


Boston will never be the same. Thinking of you here in Syracuse. Great to hear the positive news so far. Tyler, Corey, Morgan and Madison all say hi (: (oh yea Aunt Di too). We are ready to help you and Shana in any way we can. You got all our numbers so do not hestiate to call us if you need anything. I will be visiting this regularly and really look forward to the progress I know you will be making. Just got word chemo starts noon Saturday. Hang tough bud..Love ya man! Uncle T and gang!

Jim and Debbie said...


We are praying for you and have asked our friends to pray for you, too. Debbie Hart, who sang at Andrea and Dom's wedding, has asked her workplace and church to pray for you. The United Methodist Church in Cicero has added you to the prayer list. Our neighbors, John and Susan, who you and Shana met when you were here, are also praying for you.

Shana, we are asking for strength for you and the whole family.

There is great power in numbers and please know we are there for you every minute of the day in mind and spirit. You will come out on top 'cause you're the best!

With lots of love,
Debbie and Jim

Aunt Di said...

Hi Will - Loved the pix especially the snowy one of you and Shana. I'm so not ready for the snow but looked like you guys were having a blast. Glad to hear that you are getting started on the road to recovery. Know that you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong. Remember - you're tough as nails!!!!
Love you,
Aunt Di

Shieldsy (Bro) said...

Will, I love you "BRO!" Stay motivated and you will get through this. You and your family are in all of our prayers. I don't know how to say this so i'm gonna just come out and say it... "are those things you got suppost to be dogs?!" serious man, i big guy like you and them two lill' rats... your wife is gonna kill me! I love you guys! call me anytime 222-3723 Bri, Kassy, mom, and dad and brothers

Anonymous said...

Hey will, thinking of you... heard the word you might be back sometime next week. We will come to visit you when you get back. Just got back from watching ESM kill JD 48-7. Im ready for the Bills game in November... As you know Boston won :( and i hope Tampa destroys them tonite. ok ill be blogging again sometime soon...
Goode Luck, Ty

Anonymous said...

Will, Mike and I are with you, Shana and your family. Mike is in Wyoming right now but is constantly talking to your dad- he comes home on Saturday. Thank you to Matt- I really don't know if I am doing this blogging thing right......... You, Will, have been on my and Mike's minds for the past several days and we are hanging in there with you with our prayers- stay strong- you have a whole lot out there sending you love and prayers! We love you! Denise and Mike McAndrew

lance patterson said...

hey will its been a long time sence i talked to you. i know your going to pull through this. we really didnt talk much, but this is lyncourt family and we always watch out for each other. I hope to see you soon when you come back up here. brian was the one who told me and i just had to say im here for you.

Neighbors said...


Just read your story and the Friday update. Wanted you to know you (and your family) are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the positive attitude... God be with you.

Your Lyncourt Neighbors
Matott's and Wilsey's

Kim and Don Seynmour said...

Hi Will. Reading these blogs, I am not at all surprised to see the strength and faith that surrounds you. You are in good hands! Don and I add our good thoughts, all our strenghth and prayers to help in the days ahead. You will win the game, of that we are sure.

Take good care, stay positive and know you are thought of often.

with heart,

Kim and Don Seymour

Jennifer Jankkowski said...


I'm thinking of you and Shana everyday and praying for your recovery. I've known Shana for many years and know that you make her so happy. It sounds like you are strong and positive. I know you can beat this disease. My husband and I send our best! Jen J.

Anonymous said...

Hey will, Hope boston loses tonite!!! That BILLS ringtone will be great for you in boston!! Take care of your self, and hang in there... Ill be posting again soon.
Goode Luck, Ty

Monsignor friend said...

Hi Will. I'm so proud of your positive: "will power" and "Will's Road To Recovery". Your hopefilled and faithfilled attitude inspires me. It's the way I remember you. I love you and I am praying for you every day. You are also on the St. Daniel powerful prayer line. Please call me if there is anything that you need--315-454-4946 anytime of day or night. Love to Matt, Liz, Shana, your Mom and Dad. God bless you all. You are in the palm of His hands.

Anonymous said...

Will,I have been thinking a lot about you bud.I just arrived back from out west. My sister has a special medal for you that has been blessed by the Pope. I will try to get it to your dad this week to pass along to you. Hang in there my man'. If you need anything please call. Love, Mike and Denise McAndrew

Anonymous said...

will be strong your friends here in lyncourt know you can beat this little things like this change your life forever i know i had a heart attack at 37 just 3 weeks ago but with the love of my family and friends it has made a huge issue seem not so scarey take one day at a time god would not have delt us this hand if we couldnt handle it

Linda said...


All our thoughts and prayers are with you! I know all will be have too many people who love you for that not to be true. Looking forward to reading of great progress on your blog!


Chris Schmitt said...

Will,The Bills game Sunday was unbelievable.They won for you!It definetly didnt feel the same going to Bills stadium without you. I know it must have been tough for you not being there.Dont worry, I borrowed a Bills shirt from my brother and rooted for the Bills the entire game.Keep positive and you are definetly going to beat this thing.I'm glad to hear that you made it back home and now you are in a place where you can relax and be with everyone.I have some pictures to put on this site of us from the Sabres game and Red Sox game we went to but you know me, computers and I dont get along that well.I will have to ask your brother how to do it. Again Will stay positive and strong.Remember we have more Sabres games to go to and hang out with "Cousin!" I could have sworn it was him. I dont love. Good luck and I'm sure you will see me soon.
Chris said...

Hey Will, we have been keeping up on the good news and progress. We can't wait to hear how the success keeps moving forward. Our prayers and positive thoughts are with you and the family. We are here in CT and if we can be of any help, a pit stop or anything please call..
203-699-1122 stay strong
Love Pat & Kathleen Weston said...

Hey Will, we have been keeping up on the good news and progress. We can't wait to hear how the success keeps moving forward. Our prayers and positive thoughts are with you and the family. We are here in CT and if we can be of any help, a pit stop or anything please call..
203-699-1122 stay strong
Love Pat & Kathleen Weston

AnnL said...

Thanks for the update!
Go Phillies!
Keep that positive attitude and don't worry about snoring during Chemo!
In friendship,
Ann in Binghamton

Anonymous said...