Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We're still here

We're still here reading your updates - it's much appreciated, keep it up :)

Love ya both



bpcare said...

Dear Will and Shana,

I have been praying for both of you and my thoughts are with you. Very happy to hear you are home. There truly is "No place like home." It has been interesting to read about your progress and your own personal thoughts about what you are experiencing. Your are so very right about what people will expect when they see you. It was so true when my daughter was ill. People were surprised to see such a young healthy looking girl. I believe that is actually a blessing. It helped Nicole to keep a positive attitude and her family and friends not to treat her differentely. They only loved her and cared for her more.

Keep up the great work and the positive thoughts. They can and will be your best medicine when paired together with your family, friends, and medical interventions.

May God Bless You and keep you


Staff nurse on 6 south

Kim and Don Seynmour said...

We check back to the blog every day Will to see how you are doing! We think of you alot throughout the day and continue to send positive energy your way!

Keep going! You will win!

with heart,

Kim and Don

ssarro said...

Will and Shana,
Sending love and encouragement from your AHA family in New England. Remember to keep humor as it will help during those moments. I know you have it in you to beat this thing. Who else can I rely on for fun antics like pretending to be his own voicemail recording when staff issues get crazy (RI finest). Ha ha!

My prayers are with you!

Susan Sarro

rich said...

Will stay strong man you can fight this! Red Sox nation is praying for you.
Keep going! You will win!

Rich Proulx

prider said...

Will and Shana

Welcome back home. Shaun and Brooke continue to keep us updated on your.....venture into the medical world so to speak. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the fight and stay strong.

Jon(Shaun's dad) and Amy

Liz C said...

Will and Shana,

You're in my, and countless others, thoughts every day and always with big smiles on our faces because it usually makes us think of some kind of funny encounter we've had with you, Will. If your ears ring every time we talk about you, I atleast hope the ring is a pleasant tone because it must be almost constant. Its great that you're back home and getting started tomorrow with treatments here which means those nasty cells better pack a lunch - the big guns are on their way. On those days when you might not feel the greatest from the chemo, try to remember the good work its doing and hopefully that will help to carry you through. I'll keep checking your blog every day and praying for you both.

Liz Campbell

Meg said...


A post from one of your favorite past AHA staffers! Are you surprised to hear from me?
The ladies in the office shared your news with me. While I was upset to learn all that you have been going through I know that you are so very strong. Your wonderful sense of humor and constant smile will carry you through some tough days ahead. But you have thousands of people who care about you and wish you the very best, and of course a return to your normal, healthy self.
I am sure you have missed me harrassing you about my love of Siebel and other special AHA programs. I will continue to read your updates. Am happy you are home in Syracuse now and have the love of so many people to cheer you on. I promise to keep you in my prayers.
Take good care Will!
Meg Sullivan

Cousin Tom, Karen, Cain, and Cole said...

Dear Will,Shana,and Family,

We're glad your home sweet home! Best of luck tomrrow at 2nd Chemo treatment! Words of experience from 5 years ago, chemo has even come further now with anti-nausea medicines. You'll be a little tried but by Sunday/Monday you'll start to come back to yourself.
Stick with like, white rice or bland foods! If you need anything please let us know.

***Keep strong! I beat it and you will too!!
Love, Cousin Karen, Tom, Cain & Cole xo