Thursday, February 5, 2009

February 5th Update

I just wanted to say hello and give everyone who’s still checking an update on what’s been going on, which isn’t much really! I have been sick the last few days with bronchitis, which has been rough, but I think it’s starting to get better. I am hoping it won’t stop me from getting chemo #15 tomorrow, but I will see when I get there.

I have been feeling the effects of the chemo more often lately, but it’s still overall pretty mild compared to my expectations and what I have heard from others. I am having some nausea and joint pains, which are well controlled with medication and like always just feel fatigued mostly all the time. There is still a lot of pain and stuff going on in my chest/abdomen, but I am getting used to that, in fact it almost feels strange when I don’t get it. It’s hard to believe it’s been 16 weeks since my diagnosis – it feels like it’s been 16 months and this has certainly become a way of life for us.

A couple of weeks ago we met with a radiologist and they are considering doing some radiation therapy during my next break from chemo (my one week break that would occur at the end of this month). The radiologist was waiting for some images/scans to arrive from my last round in Boston before making a recommendation – I am hoping to find out about that soon. It sounds like they are unsure whether or not it’s needed at this point. Since we found out about how major the surgery on my vertebrae would be, and they’d like to avoid it if possible, radiation becomes the only option for treating that area. The amount of radiation they can use on that area (like any) is limited, so they are unsure if they want to treat it now or wait until (if ever) that spot starts growing/spreading. They would use a radiation technology called cyberknife on that spot. It’s robotic and seems pretty cool.

At the end of this month I will have another set of CT scans done (during my week off of chemo) just to make sure nothing has changed before having six more treatments taking me to the end of April.


Anonymous said...


Your strength is a amazing (as Ive said many times already on this blog)! We love you so much and continue to think of you all the time! It was great catching up with you at Nana's last week! Remember that Im (we) are always here for you if you should EVER need anything. We LOVE YOU!!! See you tommorow.
Love, Steph

Nicole Cleland said...

Good Luck Will! Stay strong!

Jim and Debbie said...

Hi Will and Shana,

It's great news that the chemo is working so well! Sounds like a good descision to keep on that path. If it's working why mess with it, right? We're keeping up with your blog. Thanks for the updates. Take care!

Debbie & Jim

Anonymous said...

You don't know me...I found your blog researching cardio angiosarcomas because my son, an 18 year old, has been in remission for 23 months now. I just want to tell you that there is always hope and I certainly will pray for you. You can read my son's update at:

Anonymous said...

HI Will;
Sorry, the last message I left cut off the link to my son's webpage. Please go to:

If that doesn't work, do a web search for Ruben Avila at

Cindy Dout said...

Hey Will,

Yep, I'm still checking the update. I was amazed to hear that you may be rejoining the 360 project on some level. I't will be great to work with you.

I was both disappointed and relieved to hear that the chemo is going so well that it's extended to April. You've got me all invested in the surgery option now.

Best wishes as always and I hope I get to chat with you soon on 360.

Anonymous said...

I check your blog all the time for updates. You are in our prayers...keep strong.
Love, Marianne & Scott

Kate said...

Hi Will,

I'm glad you're still blogging. Quite a few of my coworkers and friends tell me that they check in to see how you're doing. So many people care about you and your mom and dad and Shana - it's really a wonderful statement about the way you've touched people's lives.

I'm still pulling together photos of Grandma for your project and will be by soon,

with much love,
Aunt Kate

Anonymous said...

Hi Will,

We hope that this message is finding you well. We think about you and pray for you all the time. It is truly amazing how strong we can be during tough times. When this storm is behind us we'll all have to get together. Stay strong and can beat this bastard!

Kevin and Jamie Reistrom

Anonymous said...

Hi, Joe, Joey. Jimmy and I are checking in with you thru this blog on a regular basis. It must seem like such a long road but we know you are strong and have alot of support and love behind you. You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday.
The Rizzo Family

Joyce said...

Will & Shana,
Sorry we haven't been checking up on you so often - you'd think it was tax season or something!!! Speaking of which, Uncle Lenny's off this week (as Shana knows) and would be happy to pick up your stuff anytime. Keep the faith, guys. We still pray for you constantly. Told Tony Scalzo of our relationship when I saw him last week. He's the best! You are so strong, Will. I am blown away by your courage and strength all the time. You are such an inspiration to so many. We love you.
Uncle Lenny & Aujuma Joy

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

We're so glad you connected with someone going thru same type! We think of you often and hope you're feeling better! As we said from the get go you're going to BEAT THIS! If you need anything. we're here!

Love, Cousin Karen, Tom, Cain and Cole :)

Anonymous said...