Monday, December 28, 2009

Feeling Great!

Hey everyone. Let me first say THANKS so much for all the amazing support you've given me and my family over the last few days. We are blessed to have the family and friends we have and your messages, prayers, emails, texts, etc really mean a lot to me. We had a nice caravan of people here in Houston to support us - between my family and Shana's family, and I hope they all know how much it meant to have you all here. I also need to say thanks to the people who have been waiting on me hand and foot for the last few days - Shana, Mom, Dad, Matt and Liz...I love you guys so much.

The surgery was pretty much the easiest thing I've ever done. I remember being wheeled away from my family, telling them all I love them and then joking around with the anesthesiologistas like 100 people worked around me to get the operating room ready. My next memory, after that is waking up in the ICU with my family around telling me how well things went (I had no idea what they were talking about). The next few days were tuff, as they are on anyone that has open heart surgery, but now, five days later, I am ready to get out of the hospital and start getting ready for the next step. The pain is still there, but it's amazing how in 2-3 days it went from horrible (like keeping me from walking, getting up, etc) to just an annoyance. Just like my last surgery, it took them a day or two to figure out how to treat my pain, and once they got it under control things got MUCH better for me!

I am excited that the surgery was such a success. It feels really strange to sit here and know that this tumor, that's changed my life so significantly, is no longer in my heart. It hasn't really sunk in yet, I don't think. I am so relieved Dr. Reardon was able to remove 100% of it, and get clean margins, as I think that's very important moving forward. I am very excited about getting the pathology report on the tumor...we were told that most of it looked dead, but the question is how much. If it's 100% dead that means my treatment (chemo and WillPower!) is dominating this cancer, and can be an indicator as to how the treatment has worked in the other parts of my body this cancer has impacted. Dr. Ravi told us, as we left his office back in October, "if it's 100% dead, we will have something to celebrate". Even if it's 95% dead, I think that will be a huge victory.

I am not sure what to think about the sternum not coming out...we were told by every oncologist we've consulted with over the last 14 months that it would need to come out. I am happy to hear that it looked good, but part of me wonders if it will have to come out eventually anyway. We will have to go back to Dr. Ravi on that, but I think it's a minor issue at this point considering there are two other known spots where the cancer is/was (spine and rib) and those bones are still there. I am under the impression, however, that to go for a cure would include removing these at some point, which would include my sternum.

I have to say thanks as well to the surgeons, doctors, nurses, PCA's, etc at Methodist hospital. For the most part, they have all been wonderful to us. We've met some very caring medical professionals here and are very thankful for them. I will have a lot to post about in the next week or so and once my mind clears up a little and I get out of the hospital I think my thoughts will be much clearer!

Thanks again for all the support - I couldn't do this without my family and friends. I am working on responding to everyone in the next couple days (I hope you all know I can't respond to the comments section in this blog or I would respond to every one...but I do read them, multiple times!).


Anonymous said...

YEAH WILL!! So glad to see your post! It was soo great to talk to you the other night.. Glad your feeling better everyday.. So glad that the surgery was a success! Looking foward to seeing you in a few weeks back at home. Love you and GOOOO WILLPOWER!!

Anonymous said...

Well hello there Mr. Will McCaffrey. So glad to see that you are back to posting your blog. I have to say that Shana did an amazing job keeping us updated so thank you very much Shana it meant a lot to us. So glad to hear that you are feeling better. Can't wait to see you and everyone else this Thursday. I'm all packed and ready to go. We love and miss you. Keep up the great recovery. See you in a few days.
Aunt Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hey Will, it is great to hear that you are feeling better and getting stronger every day. I truly believe you will continue to battle and that your Willpower will carry you through. You have an amazing supporting case and we will all continue to pray and wish u the best as we all are amazed at your courage and strength.


Anonymous said...

Great to see your post and to hear that you are feeling better. Sorry about the Bills, maybe you can root for the Patriots now that the Bills are out of it? They need some help if they are going anywhere.

Keep getting better


Jim and Debbie said...

Hi Will,

Very glad to hear you're doing so well!! You "sound" like yourself on the blog and that's amazing so soon after such major surgery. Your Willpower is awesome - maybe you should bottle it!

You and Shana are always in our thoughts and prayers. Take care!!

Debbie & Jim

Sandi said...

I am so glad that things are going well!! I have been thinking about you every day since we last talked. I look forward to talking again when you get back to work. No rush on that...I have put all the projects on hold until you get back!

Anonymous said...

Will! I loved getting on this Blog today and seeing your post :-) So glad to hear that all is going well. Bryan and I talk about you everyday and send our prayers and thoughts all the time. You have more courage and strength than anyone I have ever met...keep it up and I can't wait to see you sometime soon! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hurray! So nice to hear you sounding like yourself again. Can't stop smiling'!

Aunt Kate

p.s. Wish I were still in Houston - you should see the SNOW here...

John Francisco said...

Will, so great to hear from you and to hear that you're feeling better. Keep up the great WILLPOWER!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you are recovering well & I continue to be impressed with the skill of your caretakers & the loving care of your family. This will certainly be a Christmas to remember for all of you! Keep up the good work & get as much rest as you can.
Margaret Bigness

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the difference between what you entered in the blog and when I saw you last. Your recovery has been exponential since your surgery. You seem infinitely livelier.

Hearing the news come from Shana after she heard it from the news was absolutely divine. I won’t lie. I could not keep back my tears. Those were tears of joy and relief. We are proud of you. Keep up your amazing recovery. We love you.

Ryan, Lynda and Vanessa

Anonymous said...

You have been in my prayers. Its great to read that your operation was a success. I will keeep David posted on how your doing.
Louise Epolito

Anonymous said...

Hi Will! It is SO wonderful to hear that you're recovering and feeling much better! Your positive attitude is such an amazing inspiration and I truly believe it is playing a huge part in how well you are fighting this disease. And I know the love and support of your family and friends can't be underestimated either. Please know there are countless positive thoughts and prayers being generated in your honor every day. Can't wait to see you, and in the meantime, take good care of yourself and Shana - she's a true gem!
Liz C

Anonymous said...

Reading this made my day! Thanks, Will!
a friend

Kim said...

Will: Big smiles coming from us up here in "freezing" Syracuse. I am so proud of you and all the strength and faith and courage you have! I am so inspired. Continuing to keep positive thoughts going out to you and your family! Stay focused and keep getting well!

Kim Seymour

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear from you and that things are going so well. I'll keep sending prayers your way. What a Great New Year this is going to be for you and the family! Couldn't ask for any better news w/ the surgery!
Shana did a super job keeping everyone up to date on your post. Love, Marianne

Anonymous said...

You just made MY heart smile.
I know your surgery was far and away more involved than the quadruple by-pass I had years ago, but just want to pass on something I learned from my experience.

When it comes to open heart surgery, recovery isn't usually a straight line. Right when you may think you are back in the pink, your energy level my go "plunk!" It may be discouraging.
And then you'll power up and go at it again. Just tuck that away in your memory bank for when you have a down day. It's just a bump in the road, not the end of the road.

You're a blessing to your family!
-Margaret Kirk

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the surgery was a success and that you are starting to feel better! You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Andrea and Dominic

John said...

Congratulations on the successful surgery. I hope you have a great new year.
Kind regards,
John McKenney

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful Christmas gift for you and youre family.

Jeanette said...

Praise the Lord, Will!! So glad to see thing went and are going well!

aunt eileen said...

We all have much to be thankful as we head into 2010. Will you in the hearts of so many people you'll never meet but they all send love and prayers.

Cindy said...

Yay! So glad to see you post. You sound wonderful. Thanks to Shana for keeping us updated. Have a wonderful New Year's celebration.

Anonymous said...

Happy and Healthy New Year greetings. So glad to hear that the surgery went well and that you are on the road to recovery...
Thoughts and prayers

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year's Will and Shana...may u be blessed with good fortunate and happy times in 2010.

Joyce said...

Will & Shana,
So happy to hear the news! It made our hearts sing. Props to Shana for the updates and pictures. Definitely made us feel like we were there. Of course, we were there in spirit and continue to be there for you with prayers and admiration for your stamina, attitude and WILLPOWER! Here's hoping for a phenomenal 2010 for you both. Can't wait to make you some "stoup". Love you both so much,
Aujima Joy and Uncle Lenny

LindaMac said...

Will -- glad to hear you are feeling better and on the mend. Keep it up. Thinking of you.

Linda Mc

Liz said...

come home!!! I miss you and Shana wayy too much! Love you guys! Go WILL :)

Anonymous said...

Will-- glad to hear you're recovering well. I look forward to hearing about the pathology report- I anticipate more good news.
I'll see you when you get back home,

Matt Gorman.

Anonymous said...

Hi Will, I'm so glad to hear you sound so uplifted and positive about your recovery. I have no doubt that your WILLPOWER and attitude mean everything in overcoming the cancer. You've been in my thoughts often! May the love and support of so many continue to carry you to you and Shana and take good care,
Maureen Ryan

jennoonan said...

Just had the chance to catch up on your blog and I'm SO thrilled to hear everything went well!!!

Keep it up Will!!!

Anonymous said...