Sunday, October 19, 2008

Coming Home Tomorrow!

I am excited to let you know that I am being discharged tomorrow as the doctors feel confident that my heart is stable and think it's best that I am back home (and I agree!). I feel a little sick today (mostly tired with an upset stomach) and I guess that was to be expected...but I wasn't to sick to watch the Bills beat the Chargers, which was awesome.

So here is the plan. I won't know much, other than how I feel, until the end of November or early December. I will be getting the chemo treatments weekly for six weeks and then the doctors will take all the pictures again (I am going to need to be sedated if I am to spend another 1 hour, 40 minutes in an MRI machine) and evaluate how the chemo is working. If the chemo is working I will probably come back here in early December for open heart surgery, where they will remove a piece of my sternum and the tumor in my heart (as well as rebuild my right atrium). Soon after I will need another surgery to resect my vertebrae and then will likely need to undergo more chemo to ensure that the cancer isn't still spreading. There are obviously other scenarios, but I am not considering any of them because I still believe I will beat this is the only option at this point!

I will continue to update this if people continue to read it! Not sure what news I will have to share (other than how I am feeling, but no actual medical news) but I guess I have some perspective to share, and though it's hard putting my feelings out there, I kind of want to.

I want to thank the people again who have given me the strentgh I need to make it through these eight hectic days. All of the people who have come here and commented(EVERYONE!!!) have helped. All the calls, texts and emails have helped...I mean it. I also have to thank my wife Shana, who hasn't left my side in 8 days. We have had spent some great time together during this time (and some had some difficult time as well). My mom, dad, brother and sister have held me up through all of this and I love them so much and Shana's entire family has been amazing. Thank you for being here for both of us...I can't tell you guys what it means.


Aunt Di said...

Pysched that you are coming home so soon. Your puppies will be thrilled to see you. Have a safe trip and we will see you soon.
Love, Aunt di

Joyce said...

Keep the good news coming! (OK, keep even the "I feel like crap" news coming. It is such a great way for us to stay updated on your progress. We all love you and Shana and it's always nice to hear that all the prayers are working. There was lots of cheering for the Bills here! See you soon.
Ajima Joy & Uncle Lenny

jennoonan said...

That's GREAT news Will!

Please keep us up to date. We're all rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are going home, the journey continues, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You seem to have a great family support system as well as your positive attitude. As always, take each day at a time. This always reminds the rest of us to "not sweat the small stuff", it makes you always put life in perspective. Keep your spirits up we are all there keeping positive thoughts your way and as always our prayers.

Teresa said...

I'm so glad you are coming home and I know you can beat this! I can't wait to see here back at the AHA and i'm routing for you! Hang in there, you can do it. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Lizzy said...

FANTASTIC NEWS! Pls keep blogging so I can keep track of your progress.

sorry my Bulls ruined your pefect sports weekend but needless to say it has been an awesome weekend here in Tampa Bay.

can't wait for the Dr to release you back to light duty work - we miss you here at Heart!

TTFN - Liz Culotta

Anonymous said...


We were so sorry to hear about your illness. It's so difficult to accept that your life can change so drastically overnight. We just wanted to let you know that you and your whole family have been in our thoughts and prayers. Hold on to that determination. Prayers and positive thinking can work miracles!

Bob & Nancy Licata

Liz Campbell said...

Will, thank you so much for keeping us informed of your progress thru this blog, what a great idea. The unbelievable outpouring of love and support is no surprise at all because your kind heart and amazing positive attitude has lifted so many others over the years. Its the very real example of "what you send out into the world comes back into your own." Your strength and faith is an inspiration and I have absolutely no doubt your are going to come thru this just fine. You and Shana are in my thoughts and prayers every day. So glad your Bills won and safe travels home today!
With heart,
Liz Campbell

Melinda said...

Will - I am so happy to hear the good news that you're coming home. Stay positive and keep the updates coming. We all miss you here at the office and look forward to your return!

NOFX said...

That's Great Will! I know you'll beat this!


Maureen said...

Hi Will
I just heard your news. I wanted to just reach out and let you know that I am an AHA staffer in the MWA who just returned to work after a 7-month battle with an osteosarcoma in my chest. My first CT scan post-chemo was far so good.
You will beat this thing...your posts are great! Remember to be easy on yourself and literally take this journey one day at a time. What happens will happen, but you have a really strong support network of people who love you and are rooting for you...bask in that's what will get you through!
I look forward to following your progress...keep fighting the good fight!
Take good care
Madison, WI

Linda said...

Great news that you get to head home and continue treatment from there. Safe travels to you. Keep blogging, and we'll keep reading. It is great to hear your good progress.

All my best,

Kristine said...


What great news that you are coming home and can continue your treatment locally. Just remember to take it easy! We are all pulling for you in the Utica Office! We know that you will beat this!


Anonymous said...

Will -
I'm so glad to hear you are coming home. Have a safe trip.
Thanks for the updates and please keep them coming! Everyone in the Utica office is pulling for you! You & Shana continue to be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers!


Bonnie Webster said...

Hey Will - Only for you would I take the time to read instructions and get on a blog sight :)!

Seriously, I am so glad to hear you're headed back home! Hang in there and please know you've got your fans and friends here in the Rochester office too. We know you'll beat this and we're pulling for you!

Take care,

Brenda said...

Hi Will! Great news about you coming back home today. Stay strong and keep that positive attitude.

Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you and Shana.

All our best,

Anonymous said...

Will, I had the pleasure of working with Shana when she taught in Phoenix.

May you continue to prevail over what can be a daunting opponent.

Anonymous said...

We were surprised and sad to hear you weren't feeling well.Because of your determination and your persistance you got through and got answers from the drs. You sound wonderful and strong with alot of support behind you. Keep the faith and the positive thoughts flowing. Joey told me about this blog and I think its great! We will be following you and your progress with you.Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, your wife and your family.
Linda & Joe Rizzo

Toni said...

Will, Carlos, the kids and I are so happy to hear you're coming back home to Syracuse for treatments. Will be so much better with friends and family stopping by. And, we are all so thankful for your updates on the blog as so many many friends are calling about you daily. We're praying and thinking about you constantly. We love you and know that everything will work out. With Much Love Toni, Carlos, Elena, Jon, Max and Maggie.

Crystal said...

I'm so shocked and saddened to hear of your illness! I'm glad you are coming home and your positive attitude is so inspiring!
You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

- Crystal

maria and craig said...

Hi Will and Shana, I just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and we are always available if you need anything. It's good to hear you are coming home. We will keep in touch. Love you guys, Maria and Craig Reichert

Anonymous said...

Hey Will!
All of us at West Genesee Middle are thinking of you and sending our best wishes for a speedy recovery. And're in our thoughts as well. We miss your energy and spunk around here. I know you guys must be down about Boston...but hey there's always next year!
Matt Bolha

Linda C said...


I was beginning to worry about you and after just a few days in Boston and you were rooting for the Soxs! What's next the Patriots?

It's great to have you back home,where you belong in Bills country. I love and admire your attitude. Keep looking forward, one day at a time.

Melissa and Greg said...

Will, Greg and I were so shocked to here that you were sick. We were both thinking about you and we are glad to hear that things are a little better. Your diagnosis has really helped us realize that you just never know what will happen. We know you will get through this. We will continue to think about you.

Cindy Dout said...

Oh, no, Will, you shouldn't have mentioned working. We're already staking claims on the little bit of time you may be able to give us! You are missed in so many ways.

Best wishes for a safe and uneventful trip home.

AriesFury said...

ugh i just typed my feelings and now th ey gone cause i didnt sign up first > . < how ya been will? io miss ya alot. i know its been since forever since we seen eachother, but i want you to know im very glad al called me and let me know what was going on with you. as crappy as the news is im happy to be able to get ahold of you now and tell you that i feel the same way about you today as i did in highschool 11 years ago. you guys were always so nice to me when everyone else was a complete asshole. you always made me feel better and made me laugh nomatter how down i was. i wanted to say thank you. and i also wanted to tell you that just because i never see you doesnt mean i dont want to! but life is what it is and so long as you know i think the world of you ill be happy enough. i wish nothing but good things for you and yours will, i hope all turns out for the best :D xoxoxoxoxoxo LOVE AND PEACE ALWAYS!
nicki messina-case

Shaun said...

You are the man Will. This is great news so lets keep it that way. Your Bills are making my Cowboys look like a pee-wee football team. I'm sure you would like to keep it that way too! I am glad to hear all the good news, Brooke & I are still thinking about you. Talk to you soon!


Stacy Spaziani said...


I continue to be amazed by your positive outlook and strength! I am excited to hear that you are going home. That is great news. I'm sure the dogs will be happy! :) It's wonderful that you have been so diligent in keeping up with your posts, sinc eit is very obvious from this blog that many people are anxious to hear how you are doing.

You and your families are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and you'll beat this. I'm sure of it.

Stacy Spaziani

Chris Warden said...

Great news, Will. Hope you had a safe trip home. Keep strong, keep fighting. I'm sure there will be plenty of good days and a few bad ones ahead, but with a positive attitude and a strong will, you can and will overcome. Take care,
The Wardens

Laura Cardin said...

I have been reading your blog since Liz Cullota sent it to me on Friday. I just wanted you to know that is one more person from the AHA out there praying for you and your family.
Laura Cardin
Columbus, GA

Laura Cardin said...

I have been reading your blog since Liz Cullota sent it to me on Friday. I just wanted you to know that is one more person from the AHA out there praying for you and your family.
Laura Cardin
Columbus, GA

Anonymous said...

Will and Shana, you both are such an inspiration to all of us at West Genesee Middle. I'm glad you're home and are on your way to getting better. Shana, we miss you here and I even felt a little bad about the Red Sox. Please let us know what we can do!

Kathy Byrne

Clarence Ziegler said...

Will, it is always wierd how paths cross again. Missy and I are rooting for you from Rochester...
Jamie/Clarence Ziegler

PS My dad sends his well wishes as well but can't figure out this high tech stuff...

Anonymous said...

Hey Will, Been following your news with my friend Marcia Tyczinski , a N.P. I work with ; and as it turns out she knows your mom from N.P. classes. Our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. We know you can beat this . Just remember ...there is always some rain before you see a Rainbow. Love Al and Maxine Shields

Tom & Debbie Mearon said...

So glad to hear your spirits and faith are high!!! Believe in yourself and with the strength of your family and friends, we believe you will beat this disease!! May God Bless you and keep you strong. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers....Tom & Debbie (friends of your parents)

Anonymous said...