Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! Big Day Coming Up (12/2)!

I had my last dose of chemo on Friday and I still feel pretty good. I am still very tired and have a few aches and pains from it, but overall I think the six treatments went well. I have talked to a few others that have had Taxol with similar results (no serious side effects) and if/when I need a more potent chemo I hope I can hold up just as well. I guess I spoke too soon when I said I wasn't going to lose my hair because it’s coming out. I haven’t woke up bald yet, but I am seeing the signs that others have told me I will see before it comes out. I am fine with it…it’s nice to see some physical evidence of the Taxol working! I can basically grab a pinch of hair (it's short) and it all comes out with almost no effort.

So now I get to go back and have all the imaging re-done and then move on to the next step. I spent almost two hours in the MRI machine again today (I swear three more pounds and I don’t fit in that thing) and it wasn’t as bad as the first time, but still not fun. The MRI only looks at the tumor in my heart and I probably won't get the results until 12/2 (unless theres a surprise). The CT and bone scans that I have on 12/1 are the ones I am more anxious about as they will be looking to see if there are any more "spots". I am confident that I will be able to have the open-heart surgery in two weeks and though I am nervous about it, I am excited about getting this thing out of me so we can just focus on stopping the cancer, and not have to worry about the tumor anymore. I am not sure what will happen after the surgery…whether it’s more surgery (removing the impacted vertebrae) or more chemo, or both. I am hoping to know more about the long term plan next week as well. I still feel great about this and where it’s going.

I still feel great and though people expect me to look sick, I still don’t. I actually gained some weight (trying to pack it on before surgery!) and besides the fatigue things are still pretty normal with us (well…as normal as they can be). I was told at my last chemo treatment that I could have a couple beers on Thanksgiving so now I have my nana’s cooking and a couple of beers to look forward to on Thursday! I don’t have a drinking problem or anything, but it’s very difficult to go six weeks without a beer during football season...especially being a Bills and SU fan (you need to drink when they want to drink when they win!).

I keep getting asked why I don’t update this more often…I am surprised by how many people check it (then call/email me to ask me why I haven’t updated it). I will update again on Tuesday night (12/2) to let everyone know about the results from my tests. I am expecting good news (tumor shrunk…no more metastasis’s…go for surgery).

I also want to thank everyone who is working on, contributing to, traveling to or involved in my benefit in any way. I really have no words that can say how much Shana and I appreciate all that everyone is doing. We can’t believe how much support we have and we are still trying to figure out how to show our appreciation.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!


Anonymous said...


Darryl and I cant wait to have a beer with you on Thursday at Nana's. You still amaze me more and more everytime I read your new blogs. As for the benefit, there really is no reason to feel you need to thank us, thats what family is for! We would do anything for you and Shana! We love you both and cant wait to see you on Turkey Day at Nanas! All our love!
Steph, Darryl,
Kyle, Sydney & Alex

Matthew McCaffrey said...


As you can see, I had a busy weekend convincing the SU football team to beat Notre Dame, the Bills to dominate Kansas City, the Giants to keep it close in Arizona for excitement but still win, and SU basketball to beat 17th ranked Florida, all for you! I hope you appreciate it!!! Go SU, Bills, Giants, and Wills!

Nicole Cleland said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ill. Enjoy your beers!

Nicole & Kevin

Kim and Don Seynmour said...

Happy Thanksgiving Will and Shana! When you first came to "heart" and we began working together, I iwas mpressed with many things, your great sense of humor, your commuinication skills, your faith in the Bills, your red hair...I was most impressed with your positive attitude and outlook. Always thinking of the possibilites not the challenges.

You have it in you to were born with the all that you need to beat this Will. I have faith in you and in God to take care of you.

Enjoy the turkey and beer. I'll make a toast to you (probably with a martini instead of beer but it's all good!)

Take good care and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear from you again on your blog. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy those beers.Keep up that great spirit and positive thinking.

Rob Schmitt

Kirsten said...

How 'bout those Bills!!! WOOHOO! *and the Dolphins LOST!* Enjoy Thanksgiving and have a few for me. Speaking of going bald, I ordered my wig this morning. I think we'll go with the 'ho blond look to start with, and perhaps switch to a light brown at some point. Gotta love it-


Liz said...


I can't wait for the next step towards beating this..every day is just that much closer! Even though you being in Boston is VERY good news..i will definately miss you and everyone so much while i'm stuck here..but you know your pup's will be in good hands! I've said it 100 times but heres truley are my hero..i really cherish every single minute that we are together..not because I think that our time is limited..but because you are simply amazing and I know in my heart that we have a lifetime more to spend..and I just can't wait. I love you so much..and you have 100% of my support every single day. You've already won half the battle with your attitude, and with us by your side, you're going to do just fine with the other half. See you tomorrow night cant wait!!
you the shower curtain fella?
Gobble Gobble! ;-)
love you

Shana McCaffrey said...

There are so many people who come and go in our lives! The BEST thing that ever came into my life was you. You have taught me so much about being a better person! I used to think that the big things in my life were the most important things in life, but you have taught me that the LITTLE things in life really and truly make the difference in life. You have been there for me so many times, and now it is my turn baby. I am walking with you every step of the way, and I will never waiver or stop. You are my everything! You have made a little orphan girl from Korea feel like a Princess. I absolutely love my life with you, and I wouldn't change it for the world.
I love you my husband, and I always will FOREVER AND EVER!


Aunt Barb said...

Hey Will,

We are so glad to read that you feel much better than anyone would expect to feel after having chemo. And its great that you still have an appetite for your Nana's great home cooking (or for any food for that matter) and a thirst for beer. A desire for food and booze is always a good sign.

Enjoy the good food, the beer(s) and your family and friends on Thanksgivng Day!

Aunt Barb and Uncle Bill

Anonymous said...

Hey Will! Happy Thanksgiving! We will be thinking about you as we watch, "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!" Are you gonna stand there like a slab of meat with mittens or are you gonna drink some beer? Wish we could be there to have one with you, but we will drink a couple .. or 4 or 5 .. in your honor! Have a great turkey day! Gobble Gobble!!

Andrea and Dom

Anonymous said...


I'm glad to hear how good your
doing. Teresa Breanne Austin and
i cant wait to see you on Turkey
Day.Austin keeps saying lets go
bills and lets go Will.We all love you and look forward to seeing you
on Thursday.
Breanne and Austin

lindsay said...


So glad to hear that you are still feeling good. I can't wait to have a beer with you on turkey day. Let me know if you or Shana need ANYTHING!

Love ~ Lindsay A.K.A Kaiser

Mom and Dad said...

Will, We love you and are with you every step of the way.
This is the time of year that we give thanks to all those that make our lives better.
Theres lots of Will Power in the air.
We Love You, Mom and Dad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Will & Shana-

Have a great Thanksgiving and a few beers. How about SU man! What a great basketball game! Keep your head up and spirits high! You will beat this!

Melissa Chirico Brown

G said...

Trust me, we all know you appreciate the support. I would be willing to bet that everyone feels like I do... wishing we could do more.

Cindy said...

Hey Will,

It's so good to see an update! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and long weekend. I'm sending my best wishes and can't wait to hear the good news on Tuesday.

We're all still here and rooting for you!

Cindy Dout

Joan (Mumsie, Shana's Mom) said...

Hey, Will!! I had a rousing response from the people with whom Michelle and I worship on Sunday. The prayers being offered for you today just about lifted the roof off the church (No pun intended, since we need a new roof there!) Everyone sends hugs and good wishes to you and Shana and all of the "Tribe" (Well, since Brooke and Shaun live in Cleveland, I try to squeeze the term "Tribe" into my conversation each day out of their love for the Cleveland Indians.) I have to say, your illness has immersed us into the sports world. I watched enough football while we in Boston to last me about 3 years or so....and managed to pack a few more games in while visiting you......The best part is the cheering. While we were in Tampa a few weeks ago, visiting Michelle's daughter and her hubby, we learned the Florida State Seminole's war cry: DAH-dah-Duh-da-da.........while you pump your elbow, fist clenched.... Michelle and I actually watched that team play against.........well, some other team......and there we were, at the torch, and when the crowd started the war cry, we both automatically bent our elbows, clenched our fists and began, DA-da-Duh-da-da.......So, whenever you feel the need for a cheer, just send up a smoke signal or give us a call. We are freshly renewed and ready to cheer for YOU, Babe! We will work on it as a family when we go to all cram into a hospital room again to cheer you on. I think this time we will have people from Guinness Book of Records come see just how many people we can get into one hospital room. When I was young (oh, so long ago) they used to cram people into Volkswagon Bugs. Oh, Will,you young folk just don't know how to have fun!!!

Off we go to make beads: Da-da-DUH-da-da............

We love you, Shana, Jedi and yes, even little Brooke.

Anonymous said...

good luck tomorrow!! I have lots of faith and positive thoughts..i believe in WILL POWER
love you

Vicki Gilgor said...

Thanks for all of the updates, i know that it makes it easier than having to deal with all of us. We do appreciate any postings that you do. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you do your tests today and tomorrow. Postive thoughts all of the way. You have truly been a trooper through all of this. If you need anything done as far as your work, let me know and i will do what i can. Positive and Good thoughts all coming your way. Stay strong. Miss you

Lizzy said...

Hey Will - glad the chemo is over and looking forward to your next update. Hope that beer at your Nana's tasted good :-)

Linda Mc said...

Good luck with the bone scans! I am expecting the best!

Anonymous said...

On November 25 I was driving to Iowa to see my boys, Mike and Shawn, for Thanksgiving. I hung the benefit poster in the kitchen; Shawn knew you right away from your picture with Shana--he remembered you even with the parka on. He came to your and Shana's wedding and wishes he could be here for the benefit. Do you have any idea what a warm and enlightening experience it is to read your writing? I feel that I know you, but somehow I feel that I have always known you (have I met you somewhere before?) Ok, so you are a gifted and talented writer. I pray for you and Shana and your mom and dad, and your whole family daily. You will be seeing me and Valencia, my daughter, at the benefit. God's blessings!

Anonymous said...

Will, meowmeow is Paulette. Us older folk (at least me) aren't that computer savy with blog technology. And my sons aren't here to guide me....boy, is your mom lucky to have you computer savy guys in town!!! Signing off for now, meowmeow :)

Anonymous said...